Empower Your Business with Traqza™

Just to list a few of our features.

Customer Management

Keep detailed records of your customers, manage them by source and status, assign account managers, and manage associated contacts for streamlined customer relations.

Property Management

Handle multiple properties linked to a parent customer, associate contacts for property management, and determine tax codes and rates by property address for efficient property oversight.

Document and Photo Storage

Securely store important documents and photos related to properties or projects for easy reference and retrieval, enhancing organizational efficiency.

Order Management

Manage Estimate, Quotes, Change Orders, or Invoice a project with ease. Automatically generate PDF documents, and store to the project for easy storage, and more! No more dreading invoicing!

Google Maps Drawing Features

Utilize drawing tools for creating property maps and collecting measurements from aerial views, along with pinpointing locations for precise property mapping and analysis.

Opportunity Management

Manage projects with comprehensive tools for document storage, photo storage, and adding notes, providing a holistic view and management of business opportunities.

Bank Transactions

Directly associate bank transactions with projects for detailed job costing, using API providers like Teller and Plaid for real-time financial management.


Track time entries with detailed classification for advanced reporting and analytics, ensuring accurate pay rates and tax calculations for effective project management and labor tracking.

File and Asset/Equipment Manager

Organize company documents and manage information about company equipment, including photos, notes, and documents, for a comprehensive asset management solution.


Track and manage bills, payments, and account payable obligations efficiently, with features for scheduling payments and linking bank transactions, ensuring accurate financial tracking and management.

Dispatch Board and Production Routes

Schedule jobs and manage production queues with an easy-to-use dashboard, and handle production route assignments effectively for streamlined project management and scheduling.

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